Avankar Design acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land and waters of Australia.

We are a practice comprising of a team of creative and experienced specialists working collaboratively who bring you deep into the creative process to achieve designs and experiences that are inspiring, responsive, and unique.

Quality design is the beating heart of everything we do, from the small scale to the big ideas, from the complex to the practical at every stage of the project. The foundation for our design process and methodology is guided by meeting a range of criteria, from environmental, social, functional, and financial, but amongst this the creative concept remains as driving force in developing the project.

With over 30 years local and international experience, our process begins with a thorough investigative phase to understand the client's vision, objectives, user requirements and the site challenges and opportunities inherent in the project. Through continuous engagement with the client, we capture and document all these elements and integrate them throughout the project's lifespan.

We then formulate a philosophy that serves as the foundation for the project's design, documentation, and delivery. We embrace the unique challenges of each project, challenge assumptions and devise solutions tailored specifically for our clients, ultimately delivering outcomes that are both optimal and creative that align with the client's brief and project budget. We speak many languages including English, Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi, and Dari and understand many cultural influences.

Our commitment to consistent leadership, client management, and communication tools ensures the preservation of the key principles established from inception to project delivery and beyond.

Baban Dizayi Director of Avankar Design Ltd Pty

Baban Dizayi - Principal designer and director

Baban Dizayi has worked internationally and in Australia acquiring over 30 years experience. He has international qualifications and a Master of Architecture from the University of South Australia (2009). With multi-lingual skills, a multi-cultural understanding & multi-national qualification, he is able to combine many design influences to produce building design solutions for today’s domestic, commercial & urban demand with an emphasis on quality design that meets a broad spectrum of requirements.