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Q – How much will the design of my house / development cost?
A – Each project differs in size and complexity and therefore, the level of work involved varies a great deal. We therefore quote each project individually once we have discussed the brief with you and found out a little more about the project and your requirements.

Q - Do I need a Planning Permit for my project?
A – In nearly all cases, the answer is “yes”. In rare circumstances, if the project is very small and involves only minor internal work, or if it meets all the requirements under the new Res Code and falls under Exempt Development, this may vary. Contact your local Council to discuss the details and they will be able to provide you with an appropriate answer.

Q – How do I obtain the necessary Planning and Building Permits?
A – All you need to do is contact us. We will take care of your design, arrange energy efficiency reports, co-ordinate engineering, timber framing and other consultants. We will also correspond with Council on your behalf until we obtain the final Building Permit, leaving you stress-free and able to enjoy the process as your project comes together.

Q – What is Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD)?
A – ESD is the use of design methods and choice of material for your proposed project. Simple methods such as the orientation of living spaces to the North, incorporation of appropriate shading and use of materials which minimise the transmission of heat / cold into the home, not only help reduce carbon dioxide production, however, will make the home more comfortable year-round for the occupants.

Q – If I have my plans drawn by Avankar Design, am I fixed in with a builder?
A – No. Unlike having your plans drawn by a builder, where you are fixed into a contract, having Avankar Design organise your plans means you are free to have any builder quote your project so you may obtain more competitive quotes.